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The Ontario Grain Label

Enhance the quality proposition of your product and stimulate a deeper engagement between your customers and Ontario grain.

Why should I sign up?

Canadian Consumers Love Local

Canadians want to support Canadian farmers and their community.

According to recent research, when a Canadian consumer purchases a product made with Canadian grain, they say it’s primarily because they want to support Canadian farmers and their community.

Canadian consumers define local as being made or grown within their province.

Research has shown that many Canadian consumers prioritize products that are, “Grown in a manner that protects the environment” and, ‘Made using sustainable agricultural practices”.

Local is Good for Business

More and more manufacturers are seeing the value in promoting local practices and making it part of their product story.

Traceability was one of the top five food trends of 2019. Consumers are seeking to understand where their food is coming from, how it’s being produced, the quality of its ingredients and whether sustainable and ethical practices are being followed throughout its production.

The top food trends for 2020 include an increase in brands supporting sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture practices.

Local Food is More Sustainable

Local food is becoming mainstream and being adopted by consumers because it,

  • Reduces “food miles” (the quantity of fuel needed to transport food from one place to another).
  • Provides fresher, more flavourful foods.
  • Supports local economies and connections with local producers.
  • Reduces GHG emissions.

Am I eligible to use the Ontario Grain Label?

Any company using 51% of Ontario grain as their ingredients is eligible to sign up. Ontario grain is defined as barley, corn, oats, soybeans and wheat that has been grown in the province of Ontario. Verification of grain sourcing is required to join.

Choose from five different label options, and highlight the Ontario Grain used in your products:

Ontario Grain logo
Showcase your commitment to supporting Ontario’s grain farmers and the local communities surrounding them.
Demonstrate your commitment to using the highest quality ingredients in your products.
Raise awareness of the world class growing and harvesting practices of Ontario grain farmers, and their meticulous care towards ensuring high quality crops.
Highlight the innovations and technologies you use to ensure your products are of the highest standards.
Show your commitment to a better future by sourcing ingredients made using sustainable practices.

Register for the Ontario Grain Label