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We know you are already committed to local. We want to help you share that story with the rest of the world. The Ontario Grain Label provides the opportunity to share your local story with consumers by showcasing the high quality, sustainable ingredients you choose to use in your products.

Bread, rolls and beer


Located in Central Canada and surrounded by 1/5 of the world’s fresh surface water, Ontario offers a unique climate for grain production. 

Our seasonal temperatures, nutrient rich soils and close proximity to ports make Ontario an ideal place for grain production. Grown on 6 million acres of land, Ontario farmers produce over 15 million tonnes of grain and oilseeds a year. Corn is the major producer with 9 million tonnes produced a year, followed by soybeans at 3.2 million tonnes and soft wheat at 2 million tonnes. To grow healthy, viable, quality crops it all starts with the soil. Over 50% of Ontario’s farmland is classified as high quality, leading to the ability of our farmers to grow some of the highest quality grain and oilseeds in the world. 


Ontario grain farmers are committed to growing the highest quality crops. They have a history of innovation and are continually trying new technologies to help increase efficiencies and reduce their environmental footprint, all while staying committed to quality.

Situated between the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence river basin, Ontario is an ideal place for growing the high-quality wheat used to make flour that is suitable for a wide range of products. This includes pastries, cookies, crackers, confectionary products and flatbreads. It’s also an ideal four that can be used for blending to produce breads and noodles.


Ontario grain farmers are committed to protecting and preserving our natural environment. 

They are good stewards of the land and care about the environment and communities they farm and live in. Ontario grain farmers are committed to continuous improvement and always innovating through new technologies, research, and equipment. It is through this commitment that Ontario grain farmers have been able to increase production while decreasing their environmental footprints.

Corn: -45%
Soybeans: -18% 
Wheat: -36%

The reduction in climate impact of Ontario corn, soybean and wheat farmers, since 1981.

Corn: +39%
Soybeans +17% 
Wheat +37%

Increased land use efficiencies over the past 35 years, thanks to strong yield increases.


The number of Ontario farmers that have participated in the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) program to develop and implement more environmentally sustainable practices on their farm.


The only province to have mandatory pesticide certification, ensuring all farmers and pesticide applicators are trained prior to application.

Are you currently using Ontario grain in your products?

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