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Look for the Ontario Grain Label and you’ll find quality Ontario grain ingredients, grown by farmers for you.

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Discover the pride, the care, the quality, and the sustainability that goes into Ontario grain.

At least 51% of the grain ingredients found in products featuring an Ontario Grain Label were grown in Ontario. By choosing these products, you are supporting Ontario grain farmers and their local communities.

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Products displaying the grown with pride label feature Ontario grain that has been produced using world-class growing and harvesting practices, meticulous care and efficiency.

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The grown for quality label highlights a brand’s commitment to use top-quality ingredients in their Ontario grain products.

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If a product uses the grown with care label, its Ontario grain ingredients have been grown using the latest technologies and innovations in farming practices, to ensure products of the highest standard.

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When you see the grown for tomorrow label on a product, you can be sure the brand has sourced grain ingredients made using sustainable farming practices.

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Why buy local?

By purchasing products made with Ontario grain, you are making the choice to support the 28,000 farmers who are committed to growing sustainable, high quality, grain-based ingredients. Every day, these farmers employ practices to ensure they deliver the highest standard.

Look for an Ontario Grain Label to show your support for your local farmers and your local community.

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What’s considered an “Ontario grain”?

Ontario grain includes barley, corn, oats, soybeans and wheat. In Ontario, grain crops cover 6 million acres of farmland across the province and have hundreds of end uses. In addition to being a nutritious and delicious ingredient in top-quality foods, Ontario grain can also be found in fuel, and even furniture.

For more information about Ontario grain and the benefits of incorporating them into your diet, or for recipe inspiration, visit »

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